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Knowing I'm part of an industry that can inspire others and ignite their imaginations fuels me with enthusiasm and commitment.  My ambition drives me to encourage people to view the world from other perspectives. 

As an actor I continue to learn my craft, as I truly believe that there is no limitation as to how much knowledge you can attain.

I am a passionate individual who dedicates and immerses themselves into any part I play. The most rewarding part of this industry I find, is providing  different communities (especially the under represented) a voice through the art form I create onstage. As a mixed race actor I believe this is extremely important. 


My focus is centred towards the role I play, both as an individual and as a whole production. The most important aspect of the production is being a team player and to collaborate with others in order to present the world of the art form onstage.

"It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all it's tainted glory, and still to love it" - Oscar Wilde

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