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Female Performer


My name is Jordan Louise-White, I’m a trained actress and singer. After studying for a three year BA Hons Degree in Acting at St. Mary's University London, I graduated with First Class Honours. I attained additional supplementary skills in Stage Combat, Puppetry, Voice Acting and Musical Theatre.


There is excitement in a career as a professional performer in an ever changing, challenging yet rewarding industry such as the arts.

I am a passionate and a highly professional individual who has a varied skill set. Whilst training, I learnt numerous skills and was able to adapt very quickly to the different challenges each new skill presented. I have a broad knowledge of various aspects of our industry, including Musical Theatre and Stage Combat, and gained other worthwhile knowledge which I am keen to explore further in the future work I undertake. 

I have a desire to work onscreen within the Television and Film industry as I have passion for action, adventure and fantasy films. With my previous training I was able to explore voice over and basic camera work which I would love to develop further. 


As a member of the National Youth Theatre I have had the privilege to meet and to collaborate with inspirational people. This led me to  take part in several workshops and masterclasses including "Acting for Video Games".  Throughout my journey as an actor I am constantly inspired by the people I meet. 

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